Our canvas prints are made utilizing the giclée printing method to achieve optimum clarity and color saturation. 

Giclée Print

 Our exceptional canvas art prints are created using a sophisticated and patented printing process known as "giclée, (pronounced, ‘zhee-CLAY’) Giclée prints are created by spraying one million droplets of ink per second through each of eight nozzles. Our printers employ an eight-color pigmented ink process for a greatly expanded color gamut. Additionally, variable droplets technology enhances color control by enabling three different droplet sizes. By varying the droplet size, the printer can simulate more colors between reachable shades for a smoother transition between colors. It may take as long as eighty minutes to create one print.  This results in pure, rich color and remarkable detail. Museums and galleries around the world favor giclée prints. All giclée prints are on canvas, limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist.

What is Hand-Coloring?

 Hand-Coloring is the process where the artist applies brushstrokes of paint over the top of the giclée print canvas, which enhances colors and adds texture, creating a unique multiple original. Due to Jeremy's busy schedule, hand-coloring is currently unavailable.

Are there any places I shouldn’t hang my prints?

 Bathrooms – moist environments aren’t recommended. Your giclee prints should never be placed where it will come in direct contact with water. Always remember to practice common sense when exhibiting and displaying prints. Like watercolors and pastels, giclée prints are a medium that must not be exposed to moisture.

 Direct sunlight – we recommend you avoid hanging the piece in direct sunlight to keep it from fading.

How do I clean my canvas?

 Our canvases may be wiped clean with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth.


Does Jeremy do commissioned work?

 Yes, Jeremy can be hired to do commissioned work.  Please click HERE for more information.